Necklaces are one of the earliest types of adornments, worn by human beings, that came a long way from prehistoric plant materials that made up the core band around the neck 


Ava Cadiz Necklace

However small, they are still a focus point for the eye and express something personal about you, the wearer

Necklaces are traditionally classified by length (Choker, Matinee, Princess, Opera, Rope, Lariat) but we have long let go of that notion.

Our necklaces are individual pieces with a mind and length of their own

They are what the stones call for... meaningful and magical



Our ring options are endless

Ava Cadiz Ring

When you think out of the "Fine and small box" there is a time and place for understated, but at Ava Cadiz we gravitate towards statement pieces

Try a brilliant Cocktail or Mix&Match Ring and mingle it with a precious stone one, or see if you would like a pinky ring



Originally the word "Bracelet" stems from the Greek word "Brachile" which means "Of the arm"

Ava Cadiz Bracelet

Indulge yourself in our wide variety ranging from simple but stylish to sophisticated and flashy



Can you believe that earrings were considered uncivilized by many during the first half of the 20th century, "Good girls" didn't pierce their ears.
Ava Cadiz Earrings
Well yes, it is perhaps not entirely logical piercing a piece of metal through ones ears, but my oh my can it look beautiful and uplifting!


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