Guarantee & Complaints


Our jewelry is hand made and even though most pieces are one of a kind, instances might occur where an item will not identically match the pictures displayed on our website


We manually work with gemstones, these are often raw and unprocessed which is something that in our opinion reflects character, but at the same time has the consequence of sometimes not being aesthetically perfect or containing small manufacturing errors

Our product pictures strive to display the jewelry as realistic as possible, but again we emphasize on the nature of handiwork and the possibility of deviations

For these reasons we do not offer any guarantee on our products, they are being sold "as they are"

This being said, as we highly regard our customers, we will always try to find a fitting solution in the occurrence of dissatisfaction

So please do not hesitate to contact us if you are dissatisfied or identify a defect

If you have any other complaint, observation and or feedback we would like to hear from you, mail us at 

We strive to facilitate you with a fitting solution

-The Ava Cadiz Team-